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Illustration by Owen Davey

Capturing the Essence of Sylvia Plath in Song Lyrics

April 5, 2013| by Faber Social

‘I’d never really explored Sylvia Plath’s work until a few years ago when I read her poem “Wuthering Heights”. I was completely floored by the desolate yet eerily beautiful imagery …

Quiet Mischief at Play

March 1, 2013| by Faber Social

On March 4th, Faber Social celebrated our first monthly event of the Spring with perhaps our most international line-up of novelists so far. Nadeem Aslam, Pakistani-born and Huddersfield raised, and …

Powered by Readers: Acquiring Books with And Other Stories

February 28, 2013| by Faber Social

It is said that about 10,000 hours of experience are required to become skilled in a job, for example to be a good musician or carpenter, say. And what about …

Patricio Pron on Translation

February 27, 2013| by Faber Social

Although we sometimes think of translators as unwitting betrayers of the texts and authors they translate, the concept of betrayal has no place in fiction, or, better said, there is …