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Michael Smith

Andrew Weatherall Photo Gallery

April 11, 2014| by Faber Social

A selection of photos from our day of culture at the House of St. Barnabus, curated by the Faber Social’ former Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Weatherall. Thanks to everyone who came down …

The Deep Hum (at the Heart of It All)

March 23, 2014| by Faber Social

Michael Smith was not an attendee of R. D. Laing’s ‘Anti-University of London’, situated in Hoxton’s Rivington Street in 1968. He did not buy Post-New Romantic kecks from Willie Brown’s …

Andrew Weatherall at The House of St Barnabus

February 21, 2014| by Faber Social

The House of St. Barnabas and Faber Social, in association with Festival No.6, are proud to present ANDREW WEATHERALL’S SOCIAL on Saturday 29 March 2014. Part of The House of …

January Retox

January 13, 2014| by Faber Social

Faber Social welcomes you to Another England in 2014 and an evening of film and literary entertainment. Last January we welcomed in the New Year with as screening of the now …

DBC Pierre, Michael Smith and Andrew Weatherall

October 30, 2013| by Faber Social

Faber & Faber publish new books by DBC Pierre and Michael Smith as special editions, fusing literary talent with art, film – and music from DJ Andrew Weatherall. With a …