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A Fresh Perspective on Metallica’s Load and Reload Albums by Paul Brannigan

February 4, 2015| by Faber Social

Haircuts! Guy-liner! That infamous blood-and-spunk artwork! A fair proportion of Metallica’s always vocal and vociferous fan-base had already made up their minds that the Californian quartet’s controversial sixth album was …

Some Kind of Monster

June 18, 2014| by Faber Social

Metallica: bear-hunting, gun-toting, out-of-time, evil, sacred-festival-impostors, or one of the most thrilling and unpredictable rock bands ever, the Led Zeppelin of our time? To help you decide, and ahead of …

Birth School Metallica Death

November 22, 2013| by Faber Social

On 07.11.13 buskers played Metallica at tube stations across London to celebrate the publication of Birth School Metallica Death, the definitive book on the fastest, heaviest band on the planet. …