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Lives, Landscape, Leviathan

September 23, 2014| by Faber Social

Join us on October 13 for our next installment of Faber Social, in association with our friends at Caught By The River, for Lives, Landscape, Leviathan. Reading on the night …

Messing About in Boats: Writers & Rivers

February 4, 2013| by Faber Social

‘I grew convinced that following water, flowing with it, would be a way of getting under the skin of things, of learning something new.’ Roger Deakin From Siddhartha to One Hundred Years of …

In the Name of the River

February 4, 2013| by Faber Social

Since men first emerged from the water, they have written psalms in praise of the river. Old Man River. The River of Jordan. The Rivers of Babylon. Moon River. Shenandoah …

Chalk-Stream Charter Chalk-Stream Action

January 31, 2013| by Faber Social

Slowly we are waking up to the fact that we have in southern England an almost unique eco-system comparable for its natural wonder with any on Earth, and to the …