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David Keenan and David F Ross at the Edinburgh Book Festival

August 19, 2017

Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4DR

Time: 8.30pm

David Keenan & David F Ross: Post-Punk’s Not Dead

The decade that taste often forgot is brought back to some kind of life in new literary adventures from the two Scottish Davids, Keenan and Ross. This Is Memorial Device from Keenan follows a bunch of small town misfits forming a mythical 80s post-punk band while Ross’s The Man Who Loved Islands completes his Disco Days trilogy by reuniting some members of The Disco Boys, whether they like it or not.



This Is Memorial Device

David Keenan

This Is Memorial Device, the debut novel by David Keenan, is a love letter to the small towns of Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland in the late 1970s and…