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Mystery Train

Greil Marcus

Greil Marcus’s study of American rock ‘n’ roll is justly regarded as one of the most accomplished examples of contemporary music writing. Using a handful of artists – a brace of bluesmen, The Band, Sly Stone, Randy Newman and Elvis Presley – Marcus illuminates and interprets the American Dream in rigorous prose, touching on myth, landscape and oral tradition. The result is an invigorating and wholly original study – here in its revised, sixth edition – that remains a high watermark in cultural criticism.

RRP: £20.00

Published: 06/04/2015

ISBN: 9780571323173

Length: 448 pages

Format: Paperback

About Greil Marcus

Greil Marcus was born in San Francisco in 1945. He is the author of Mystery Train, Invisible Republic, Lipstick Traces, Double Trouble and Bob Dylan: Writings 1968-2010
and the editor of Lester Bangs’s Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung. In 1998 he curated the exhibition ‘1948’ at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. He writes the Real Life Rock Top 10 column for The Believer and teaches at the New School in New York. He was described by John Rockwell in the New York Times as ‘a writer of rare perception and a genuinely innovative thinker’. Greil Marcus lives in California.