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Humor Limited Edition


Stanley Donwood

There was disaster coming; that was blindingly obvious. Life had been almost ridiculously easy, and now things were going to get worse. Much, much worse. I couldn’t believe that I had ever thought otherwise. I couldn’t believe that I’d ever thought that there could be any other outcome.

Stanley Donwood’s fictional universe is one in which anything can happen, and frequently does. Disappearances (people, things) are everyday. Relationships are unstable. Nature has turned unnatural. It’s the kind of world (the kind of book) in which you might walk into a room only to find, that room, has . . . no . . . floor.

A substantial selection of Stanley’s fiction over the past ten years or so, (title) shows a contemporary master of the micro narrative. Apocalyptic, funny, unsettling and hallucinogenic in their intensity, Stanley Donwood’s stories present a series of haunting episodes in a world drained of meaning, sense and consequence.

RRP: £100.00

Published: 12/18/2014

ISBN: 9780571318001

Length: 192 pages

Format: Hardback

About Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood is an artist. He has produced record covers for Radiohead and exhibited worldwide.