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Everybody Loves Our Town, By Mark Yarm

Everybody Loves Our Town

Mark Yarm

Grunge, also known as the ‘Seattle Sound’, emerged from the Pacific north-west in the early part of the 1980s. With the unexpected success of Nirvana’s single ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in 1991, grunge became a household word overnight and launched an American music movement on a par with punk and hip-hop. In Everybody Loves Our Town , Mark Yarm draws from exclusive interviews to tell the whole story: the founding of originators like Soundgarden and the Melvins, the early successes of the Sub Pop record label, the rise of powerhouses Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the media hype, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, and finally, the genre’s mid-to-late-nineties decline.

RRP: £9.99

Published: 09/07/2017

ISBN: 9780571249879

Length: 608 pages

Format: Paperback

Mark Yarm, Author

About Mark Yarm

Mark Yarm is senior editor at Blender. He has written for numerous other publications, including WiredEsquireFHMSpin, the Village Voice and


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