Books and Music at the Heart of Independent Publishing


Faber has been a pioneering publisher of literature about and emerging from the pop music world for over three decades. The story began with the arrival of Pete Townshend as an editor in the early ’80s and his passion for legendary writers like Jon Savage and Paul Morley, who remain major figures on the list.

Faber Social emerged as an imprint dedicated to the most adventurous and original writing on pop music in the broadest terms in the late ’00s and there are now a considerable number of titles in the catalogue. You will find each of these books lovingly represented here.

The frontlist at Faber Social is structured around one book per month, 12 books a year. Each month this website will be refreshed and given over to the current title we are publishing. Our hope is that this site will create a world of information and entertainment around the books that will be worthy of regular revisits.