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Scott Walker – Sundog

November 23, 2017 | by Hannah Marshall

Tags: Faber & Faber, scott walker, sundog

We’re proud to announce Sundog, the selected lyrics of Scott Walker.

Sundog is the first ever selection of Scott Walker’s lyrics, curated by the artist himself, published with a stunning introduction by Eimear McBride and available in three editions – deluxe (Edition of 100), limited (Edition of 300) and standard.

Separated into six parts; The 60s, Tilt, The Drift, Bish Bosch, Soused and New Songs, this is a landmark publication from a cultural icon.

‘Walker’s work, as Joyce’s before it, is a complex synaesthesia of thought, feeling, the doings of the physical world and the weight of foreign objects slowly ground together down into diamond [. . .] This is not art for the passive. It does not impart comfort or ease. Tempests will not be reconciled by the final bars and no one is going home any more.’
Eimear McBride

For full specification of both the deluxe and limited editions please visit Pre-orders will be available from Friday 15th December.