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Read an extract from Peggy Seeger’s ‘First Time Ever’

October 5, 2017 | by Hannah Marshall

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Peggy Seeger, whose memoir First Time Ever we publish this month, is one of folk music’s biggest legends.

Born into a world where music was at the very heart of family life, she grew up under the influence of her musicologist father, Charles Seeger, and modernist composer mother, Ruth Crawford, as well as her brother, the celebrated writer of protest songs, Peter Seeger.

Peggy’s childhood was also steeped in politics and she carried this through into adulthood, both professionally and personally. For 33 years she was married to actor, playwright and songwriter Ewan MacColl and during that time they travelled to some of the most controversial Cold War destinations: China, the USSR, Cuba.

In this exclusive chapter extract, Peggy describes an eye-opening visit to Moscow in the 1950s, a trip that was full of fascinating details but which was also fraught with tension as she and Ewan moved tentatively further into a relationship with one another.

Read an exclusive extract from First Time Ever


Peggy Seegar, First Time Ever

First Time Ever

Peggy Seegar

Born in New York City in 1935, Peggy Seeger enjoyed a childhood steeped in music and politics. Her father was the noted musicologist Charles Seeger; her mother, the modernist composer…