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Dig If You Will playlists

Three Prince Playlists by Ben Greenman

May 4, 2017 | by Faber Social

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Prince has been gone more than a year, but his music is as present as ever—more present, in a sense, since his catalog has reappeared on the majority of available streaming services. Here, author Ben Greenman, whose personal and critical study of Prince, Dig If You Will The Picture, is published this month by Faber, has assembled some short, sharp Prince playlists to help get people through their days.

Sex Songs

Prince’s great subject was sex, certainly, though maybe not in the way it first seems—he wrote about sex as a fraternal twin of (and sometimes the sworn enemy of) spirituality, and sex as a type of emotional weather, and sex as a weapon. Here are ten of his finest sex songs.


Tips for listening to Prince: Speed it up first, by listening to the aggressive rockers (‘Let’s Go Crazy’) or the frenetic electronic tracks (‘Something in the Water Does Not Compute’). Then slow it down with a ballad. Here are ten of his finest ballads, mostly love songs, a few with a carnal bent, a few tending philosophical.

Songs Not On An Official Album

Prince released forty-some official studio records, but he saved some of his most memorable songs for B-sides and soundtracks. Here are ten of his best non-album tracks, though some of them have since been collected on compilations.