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David Keenan Postpunk Playlist

This Is Memorial Device: David Keenan’s Scottish Postpunk Playlist

April 12, 2017 | by Faber Social

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This Is Memorial Device: An exclusive playlist of Scottish postpunk from the world of the novel by David Keenan novel.

The Prats – Inverness

Scrotum Poles – Pick The Cat’s Eyes Out

Altres – Panic

Orange Juice – Moscow Olympics

Big Country – Inwards

Pastels – I’m Alright With You

The Fire Engines – Big Gold Dream

Scars – Horrorshow

Nyah Fearties – Rantin Robbie

Strawberry Switchblade – Trees and Flowers

Meat Whiplash – Don’t Slip Up

Primal Scream – It Happens

Skids – The Saints Are Coming

Josef K – Chance Meeting

The Associates – Party Fears Two

Shop Assistants – All Day Long

X.S Discharge – Lifted

Simple Minds – East At Easter

Altered Images – Dead Pop Stars


David Keenan at Aye Write Festival

March 11, 2017

Journalist, author, and BBC Scotland presenter Vic Galloway will be talking to David his debut novel. This Is Memorial Device is a love letter to the small towns of Lanarkshire…


This Is Memorial Device

David Keenan

This Is Memorial Device, the debut novel by David Keenan, is a love letter to the small towns of Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland in the late 1970s and…