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This Is Memorial Device NZ: Part 2

March 28, 2017 | by Faber Social

Tags: Bruce Russell, Faber Social, Herco Pilots, Xpressway, david keenan, post punk, post-punk music, this is memorial device, underground music

A special podcast by Bruce Russell (Xpressway/The Dead C et al)

The second part of Bruce Russell’s special podcast celebrating the parallels between New Zealand’s real-life post-punk bands and the fictional Lankarkshire of This is Memorial Device is below. You never heard such sounds.

10. SCORCHED EARTH POLICY The Cult (Flying Nun 12″, 1986)
11. MARIE AND THE ATOM Swing (Flying Nun 12″, 1984)
12. THE BUILDERS Darling (Full Moon Publishing LP, 1984)
13. AND BAND We are Right (no label 7″, 1981)
14. ALASTAIR GALBRAITH Vincent (Morse version)  (Siltbreeze LP, 1990)
15. SHOES THIS HIGH A Mess (no label 7″, 1981)
16. THE DEAD C. Power (Fallujah version) (Ba da Bing 7″, 2007, rec 1991)