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This Is Memorial Device NZ: Part 1

March 24, 2017 | by Faber Social

Tags: Herco Pilots, Xpressway, david keenan, david russell, faber and faber, post punk, post-punk music, this is memorial device, underground music

 A Special Podcast by Bruce Russell (Xpressway/The Dead C et al)

Bruce Russell has long been one of the key catalysts in post-punk and underground music from New Zealand. Both as a label owner – he was responsible for the legendary Xpressway label as well as the later Corpus Hermeticum – and as a musician – The Dead C, A Handful Of Dust et al – he took post-punk at its word and freaked with it, hallucinating an entirely new modus that would serve to liberate music from musicians while reconfiguring rock/roll as a vanguard variant of folk art. He has been described as ‘the Jimi Hendrix of no technique’.

To celebrate the publication of This Is Memorial Device by David Keenan, Bruce has very kindly put together a special podcast where he draws parallels between the fictitious Lanarkshire music scene brought to life by Keenan in TIMD and the real-life New Zealand post-punk scene of which Bruce himself was a key player. From Pin Group to Toerag via Scorched Earth Policy and The Dead C: you never heard such sounds.




01. PIN GROUP Power (Flying Nun 12″, 1982) 

02. NAKED SPOTS DANCE Crescendo/Circle Moon (Sausage Records comp, 1980)

03. THE TERMINALS Ministry of Lies (Raffmond LP, 1995)

04. TOERAG When the Moon is Strong (Onset/Offset 7″, 1985)

05. DAVID MITCHELL/DENISE ROUGHAN Grey Funnel Line (Xpressway 7″, 1990)

06. HERCO PILOTS Durry Charade (Rem Records dbl 7″, 1981)

07. PLAGAL GRIND Marcasite Lace (Morse version) (Siltbreeze LP, 1990)

08. PETER GUTTERIDGE Hang On (Pure version) (Xpressway cassette, 1989)

09. WALLSOCKETS Snerl (Sausage Records comp, 1980)


Herco Pilots in the Green Room at The Last Resort, Wellington, 1981, photo by Stephen Robinson: