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Tonight All About Robert Quine

March 17, 2017 | by Faber Social

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Tonight All About Robert Quine: Tam Gracie says that once upon a time everyone in Airdrie was in awe of Danny D’Angelo.

The best solo ever recorded is by Robert Quine on Lou Reed’s The Blue Mask. Plus he is responsible for one of the best live recordings by The Velvet Underground. My friend Danny D’Angelo said that without Robert Quine the Voidoids would have sounded like The Boomtown Rats. Now every time I hear Richard Hell I think of Bob Geldof.

Danny was always coming out with these grand proclamations. For instance he told everyone that he was enlightened, that he had attained enlightenment. Then he would say that’s a joke, because when you’re enlightened there is nothing to be attained. I asked him what being enlightened meant in that case and he just shrugged and said, it means you are happy to be here.
One time we had a party at my mum’s house. No one had seen Danny drink or even do drugs but at the start of the night he boasted that he could drink any of us under the table. His model was that monk who lived in the Borders and drove his Ferrari through the window of a toy shop while drunk and on cocaine. Danny called it crazy wisdom. We all smoked some marijuana and sat out in the garden. Danny put on The Blue Mask on a portable record player and everyone sat there looking up at the early evening light through the trees, listening to it in complete silence. By the time it had finished we noticed that Danny had drunk virtually a whole bottle of whiskey on his own. Then he disappeared.

After about half an hour I went to look for him and found him naked, in my mum’s bath, lying in about two inches of lukewarm water reading an old copy of Zig Zag. He had emptied a bottle of Vosene anti-dandruff shampoo into the bath thinking it was bubble bath. He turned round to look at me and held up a page of Zig Zag. Tonight all about Robert Quine, he said and then he slumped unconscious against the side of the bath. Afterwards everyone agreed that if anyone was enlightened it was probably Danny D’Angelo.


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