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I Am Dogboy – Karl Hyde

June 27, 2016 | by Faber Social

Tags: Glastonbury, karl hyde, underworld

We’re proud to announce a beautiful, full colour collection of the diaries and photographs of Underworld’s Karl Hyde, entitled I Am Dogboy, published on November 3rd.

In 1999 Karl Hyde began writing a public diary. Every day since then, Hyde has documented his thoughts, lyrical works-in-progress, poetry and biographical essays alongside ‘found’ visuals. For the last sixteen years, these entries have collectively created an on-going, utterly unique monologue on Underworld’s website.

I Am Dogboy handpicks a selection of diary entries and rearranges them, intercut with an autobiographical narrative, that follows Hyde from childhood through to the exploratory early years of Underworld, an electronic act who have been peerless for the last twenty-five years. Spliced throughout the narrative are standalone/abstract poetic pieces that offer occasional snapshots of life on the road and in the studio and give an insight into Hyde’s singular style of lyric writing.

A prolific artist, Karl is one of the founding partners of influential design collective tomato. tomato recently celebrated a quarter-century together with a huge retrospective show in Tokyo.

I Am Dogboy is beautifully designed by John Warwicker – Hyde’s longtime collaborator and co-founder of the tomato collective. Karl Hyde and John Warwicker have previously published the typographic books Mmm… Skyscraper I Love You and In The Belly of Saint Paul.

Karl Hyde is one half of Underworld. This year, the band’s headline festival appearances across the world include Coachella, Glastonbury and Summersonic.

I Am Dogboy, I Am Dogboy (The Underworld Editions box) and I Am Dogboy (The Underworld Editions box + In The Belly of Saint Paul) are available to pre-order from

I Am Dogboy - High Res