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We’re proud to publish today Small Town Talk: Bob Dylan, The Band, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix & Friends in the Wild Years of Woodstock by Barney Hoskyns, which is available to buy here.

Some of the nice things being said about the book…

“In this engaging book, [Hoskyns] delves deep … to unveil a place that could be paradise or prison, depending on your state of mind… The dark side of Woodstock has long been part of its legacy, but Hoskyns isn’t in search of murky secrets. Rather, he sets out to explain its influence via the remarkable music made there.” – The Sunday Times

“Hoskyns offers a pitch perfect East Coast corollary to his classic tome on the Laurel Canyon scene, Hotel California…” – 4**** Mojo

“Hoskyns scrapes away the myths to reveal the harder truths: of magnificent music created amid hard drugs, bent business deals, gossip, claustrophobia and bed-hopping.” – 4**** The Mail on Sunday

“An absorbing account, packed full of anecdotes, from an author who is able to separate the truth from the myths…” – The Crack

Forthcoming Appearances 

March 3rd – Rough Trade East – Launch Party featuring live music from Graham Parker and Sid Griffin. Details here.

March 11th – Aye Write Festival, Glasgow. Details here.

And finally…

If that wasn’t enough, Barney has put together a playlist to take you directly to Woodstock while reading the book. Enjoy!

Faber & Faber are proud to announce a major new publication from Man Booker Prize winning author, DBC Pierre. Release The Bats: Writing Your Way Out Of It will be published on July 7th.

It’s said that everyone has a book inside them – but where inside does it live? And how do we release it?

When DBC Pierre burst onto the literary scene in 2003 he arrived with no particular literary education and no writing education. Finding he had something to say he made the journey solo to that place where dreams and demons live, to try and turn feelings into words.

Release the Bats aims to explore the mysteries of why and how we tell our stories, and the craft of writing fiction from scratch, proposing a new way to approach the job and its frustrations. Part memoir, part reflection, and part practical guide, DBC Pierre here invests everything he learned the hard way, in a book aimed at anyone with a love of ideas, reading, and the magical act of communication on (and off) the page.

‘Release the Bats is the most honest and exhilarating account of the writing life — the how-to, the why, the pitfalls, and how to avoid them — as I have read. Everyone who aspires to write fiction should read this book; every writer who does, will come away enlightened and inspired.’Lee Brackstone, Editor


‘When you first sit down to write, a hundred thousand decisions glare up from blank pages . . . But a curious thing can also happen: as you ponder how dumb it is to risk getting that many decisions right, you can end up feeling that alone and from scratch is where writing wants you. Where it wants every writer. That the risk is the whole job. That hauling you naked to a place where nobody can help you is how writing wrings out art. That the management of passion counts as much as the words, and that every new book should make its author a novice again.

Which as a novice, makes you a writer.
The only matter then is to keep writing.’

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