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‘Golden Years’ by Ali Eskandarian

October 8, 2015 | by Faber Social

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‘Singer Ali Eskandarian was gunned down in New York last year with members of punk band The Yellow Dogs. He had just written Golden Years, an On-the-Road style novel that’s now being hailed as a cult classic’ – The Guardian

Faber & Faber are proud to announce the publication of a fictional document from a life tragically cut short. ‘Golden Years’ is a story of youth, hope, disintegration and regeneration. It is quite possibly the first Great Iranian American Novel.

In November 2013, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Ali Eskandarian was murdered alongside two members of the Yellow Dog. In the months leading up to this terrible event,  Ali had been in correspondence with Oscar van Gelderen, publisher at Lebowski in Holland, about his semi-autobiographical novel. Golden years is that book.

Set in the first decade of twenty-first-century New York, Tehran and Dallas, Golden Years is a novel perfumed with excess and spirited decadence. It tlls the story of a group of Iranian musicians in their twenties and our narrator, in his thirties, who is in thrall to the great American beats and has visions of Ancient Assyrian Futurism. Hungry and poor, high and hopping from bed to bed, and lover to lover, the characters in Golden Years are romantic exiles living with rock’n’roll as their religion.

Ali Eskadarian was a singer, songwriter, and novelist. He was born in 1978 and died 2013.

‘Golden Years’ is published 7th January 2016. Pre Order details coming soon.

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