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‘Good Night and Good Riddance’ – Published Today!

October 1, 2015 | by Faber Social

Tags: david cavanagh, john peel

Today we’re very excited to publish ‘Good Night and Good Riddance: How Thirty Five Years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Britain‘ by David Cavanagh.

We think it’s wonderful! Don’t believe us?

“Good Night and Good Riddance is a bravura work of close listening, scholarship and writing.”The Observer

‘A fabulously readable and deeply rewarding book: a musical travelogue, a cultural history of Britain, a radio diary, even a personal drama…Good Night and Good Riddance is like reuniting with a old friend, and realising you miss them more than ever’ 5*****, Mojo

‘Peel fans will enjoy the concise and well-crafted opening biography, but they’ll absolutely adore the main body of the book, which is a year-by-year account of scores of Peel shows, featuring parts of the playlists, a résumé of the historical context and detailed notes on the musical relevance of that particular show.’ The Telegraph

Good Night and Good Riddance is a brilliant tribute to someone you probably owe at least half your record collection to” 9/10, Uncut

‘Explaining in lovingly crafted prose just exactly how Peel charted and mapped the tastes of at least two generations (possibly three) of music lovers. This book isn’t just diverting, it’s essential’ – GQ, Dylan Jones

‘An amazing hybrid of social histroy and easy to dip into facts. Peel would be proud’ – 4*, Classic Pop

Good Night And Good Riddance is a leisurely, amusing, at times bitty, often discursive, sometimes partial but always hugely entertaining ramble through Peel’s broadcast history.’ – Scottish Herald

‘Exhaustive and often fascinating. As a series of snapshots it’s a great way to chart the restless invention that has characterised English pop music – it even works as a potted history of the country itself. In many ways it’s a more revealing portrait of Peel than his incomplete autobiography – what better way to describe the man than through the records that made him? – The Ransom Note

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