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Mystery Train by Greil Marcus

April 22, 2015 | by Faber Social

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What better way to celebrate June than a new revised edition of arguably the greatest book ever written about rock ‘n’ roll, Mystery Train, published on June 4.

Mystery Train - MediumGreil Marcus’s study of American rock and roll is universally acclaimed as the benchmark work of modern rock criticism. Using a handful of artists – a brace of bluesmen, The Band, Sly Stone, Randy Newman and Elvis Presley – Marcus illuminates and interprets the American Dream in rigorous prose touching on the myth, landscape and oral tradition of the continent. This comprehensive, revised edition of a milestone achievement in the effort to establish rock and roll as a fit subject for serious cultural criticism, includes a new preface by the author.

Here are some quotes including one from THE BOSS!

‘Probably the most astute critic of American popular culture since Edmund Wilson’London Review of Books

‘Perhaps the finest book ever written about pop music’ – The New Yorker

‘Probably the best book ever written about rock’Rolling Stone

‘Gets as close to the heart and soul of America and American music as the best rock ‘n’ roll’Bruce Springsteen

‘The 1975 appearance of Greil Marcus’s first book, Mystery Train, was an explosion as unexpected and indelible as the first records Elvis Presley cut exactly twenty years before’Mark Rozzo, LA Times

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