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Wise words from Viv Albertine

November 18, 2013 | by Faber Social

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You know that thing you’ve been dying to get off your chest? Well, now is the time to share it! Faber & Faber have teamed up with Tatty Devine to champion and celebrate creative female voices in their new campaign, Women With Something To SayEvery day for the next fortnight, Faber authors will take over the Tatty Devine blog to share their thoughts on what it means to be a woman in today’s society. Faber contributors include: Viv Albertine, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Julia Copus, Alev Scott, Emily Berry, Aleks Krotoski, Louise Doughty, Anne Putnam, Gemma Elwin Harris, Jane Harris, Chibundu Onuzo, Emma Brockes and Sarah Hall. Take a closer look at each author’s photograph – they’ll be wearing a bespoke Name Necklace or Speech Bubble Necklace inspired by their piece and made especially for them.

Punk legend and one time guitarist for The Slits, Viv Albertine has turned her hand to film making, song writing and now has a new book coming out with Faber in May 2014. The Slits have always been a major inspiration for Tatty Devine Co Founders Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine, so it was everyone was thrilled that Viv would read from her soon-to-be-published memoirs at the campaign’s launch event. Characteristically, her book pulls no punches and doesn’t shy away from unpalatable truths – Harriet nearly fainted at one particularly shocking anecdote!


Viv’s inspiring advice, and the title for our fabulous event with Tatty Devine is, ‘Life’s Too Short To Be Shy’:

Girls under achieve because they have a fear of failure and dread looking stupid. I had those feelings myself when I was younger, I still have them now, but I override them. I don’t let those fears determine what I do in my life. What do you want written on your gravestone? ‘She could have been anything but she was too scared of looking silly and failing?’

It’s about time girls toughened up and got used to failing and looking like a twat. That’s the only way to succeed. The more girls are seen to fail, then get up and try again, the more normal it will become until we’re all failing and succeeding all over the place! The world needs us. So, ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’ as Susan Jeffers said. After all, Life’s Too Short to be Shy.

Take a look at photos from our Faber Social & Tatty Devine event on our Pinterest board, and follow the rest of the Women with Something to Say campaign over on the Tatty Devine blog.