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DBC Pierre, Michael Smith and Andrew Weatherall

October 30, 2013 | by Faber Social

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Faber & Faber publish new books by DBC Pierre and Michael Smith as special editions, fusing literary talent with art, film – and music from DJ Andrew Weatherall.

With a property portfolio consisting of a beach hut in Kent, and a career as evanescent as it is unprofitable, the narrator of Unreal City is a flaneur fallen on hard times, a creative bewildered by the slick speed of the digital age, watching as the sculptors and painters and bon viveurs begin to slip away and the advertising hipsters take over old stomping grounds. Unreal City is a nostalgic love song to the drifters, the artists, the glamorous misfits, the degenerate waifs and the barmaid-enchantresses of the capital’s backstreets and shadowy corners.

The pages of Michael Smith’s prose in this special edition are unbound, gathered in a sleeve, and annotated by the legendary producer and DJ Andrew Weatherall. Accompanying the pages are a six-track original CD soundtrack composed by Andrew, a 10-inch record containing a remix. This edition, costing £35 will also be signed by Michael Smith and Andrew Weatherall. The book will also be published in a format for ibooks Author, bringing together Michael Smith’s prose, an original soundtrack by Andrew Weatherall, and a beautiful film-scape by director Wojciech Duczmal.

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Petit Mal is a collection of short fictions, philosophical vignettes, and aphoristic interludes from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of Vernon God Little, DBC Pierre. Drawing on memoir and a life lived in pursuit of sensation, but always ignited by the flame of fiction, Petit Mal takes us further into the imagination of one of the most radically original prose stylists of the past decade.

Accompanied by dozens of full-colour illustrations and photographic ‘evidence’, the stories here inhabit worlds defined by appetite, excess and transcendence. Whether through food, drink, sex, drugs, or a fantastic cocktail of all four, the impulse in this book is towards epiphany. And the inevitable hangover that follows. But even that (or those) in the world of DBC Pierre can be nourishing.

DBC Pierre

This special edition is slip-cased and comes with an exclusive print signed by DBC Pierre and will cost £25. It will also be available to download as a £9.99 ebook.

Of the collaboration, Faber Social Creative Director Lee Brackstone says:

‘A perhaps inevitable meeting of minds in the fertile landscape where music and literature intersect, Andrew Weatherall’s soundtrack to Unreal City brings Michael Smith’s book vividly to life in another, sonic dimension.’

Petit Mal by DBC Pierre 5 September 2013, £25 Special Edition, £9.99 ebook.
Unreal City by Michael Smith 5 September 2013, £35 Special Edition; £7.99 iBooks Author, £7.99 ebook.

Rough Trade, Festival Number 6 & Edinburgh Events

To celebrate publication DBC Pierre, Michael Smith and Andrew Weatherall will be reading and performing at Rough Trade East on Thursday 5 September, 7pm;  Faber Social / Caught By The River Stage at Festival Number 6 on 13-15 September; and Faber Social’s event for Jura Unbound at Edinburgh Book Festival on 22 August 9-11pm.