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Fried and Justified

On 4 July Faber will publish Fried & Justified: Hits, Myths, Break-Ups and Breakdowns in the Record Business 1978-98 by Mick Houghton, a candid frontline account of an illustrious twenty-year gonzo career as a publicist in the record business, featuring an introduction by Bill Drummond and new cover artwork by Jimmy Cauty. Ramones,…


The Three Dimensions of Freedom

‘If one meets a powerful person, ask them five questions:…


The Awfully Big Adventure: Michael Jackson in the Afterlife

On 4 April Faber will publish The Awfully Big Adventure: Michael…


Shaun Ryder ‘Wrote for Luck’

Faber is proud to announce Wrote For Luck, a collection…


Joy Division

This searing light, the sun and everything else: Joy Division: The Oral History

Jon Savage

In This searing light, the sun and everything else, Jon Savage has assembled three decades worth of interviews with the principle players in the Joy Division story: Bernard Sumner, Peter…

Wrote For Luck: Selected Lyrics

Shaun Ryder

In the mid-1980s the Happy Mondays emerged as the prime mischief makers on the Madchester scene. Chief protagonist was Shaun Ryder, a man whose lyrical street swagger in songs like…


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