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Read an extract from Peggy Seeger’s ‘First Time Ever’

Peggy Seeger, whose memoir First Time Ever we publish this month, is one of folk music’s biggest legends. Born into a world where music was at the very heart of family life, she grew up under the influence of her musicologist father, Charles Seeger, and modernist composer mother, Ruth Crawford,…


Mark Yarm’s Top 7 Grunge Videos

This month Mark Yarm’s seminal oral history of the grunge…


RAW: My Journey into the Wu-Tang Clan

We’re excited to announce RAW: My Journey into the Wu-Tang…


The Beatles, Ken Kesey and 19th Century Light Shows: Rob Chapman’s psychedelia influences

Rob Chapman discusses the geneses of his latest book Psychedelia and…


Goldie, All Things Remembered

All Things Remembered


Who better to tell the story of the gentrification of a musical genre than the man who started out as Jungle’s most streetwise ambassador and went on to collect an…

Richard King, How Soon is Now?

How Soon is Now?

Richard King

‘If you look at all the people involved – Ivo, Tony Wilson, McGee, Geoff Travis, myself – nobody had a clue about running a record company, and that was the…


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