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Faber Social Presents Animals

We’re very happy to announce our ‘Animals’ Faber Social for June, bringing together some of our favourite musicians and writers at The Social in central London. We have live music from… Richard Dawson (Weird World / Domino Records), who releases his new album Peasant on June 2nd. ‘A distinctly English…


Classic Cosey Fanni Tutti

Cosey Fanni Tutti has been producing music for over four…


Meet Cosey Fanni Tutti

Cosey Fanni Tutti’s autobiography Art Sex Music has just been…


This Is Memorial Device NZ: Part 1

 A Special Podcast by Bruce Russell (Xpressway/The Dead C et…


Good Vibrations

Mike Love

Mike Love is a founding member of the Beach Boys and the lead singer and lyricist of their biggest hits. With their lush vocals and endlessly inventive arrangements, the band…

dig if you will the picture cover

Dig If You Will The Picture

Ben Greenman

Dig If You Will The Picture is a portrait of The Artist who will be remembered by many as the most seductive and enigmatic pop star of his generation. A…


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